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Primary Industry: Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing

Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing

TPCG works with professionals in the Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing sector. Whether you need stars in front-line production, quality assurance, research and development, and supply chain, or another specialism, we have a local expert ready to connect you with top talent.

Our recruitment experts work with top companies across a range of functions and job types, including:

  • Health & Safety
  • Maintenance & Reliability
  • Operations & Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Six Sigma, Lean & Process Improvement

Data Center

Empowering Growth in Taiwan’s Data Center Sphere!

Tipping Point epitomizes expertise in the burgeoning data center industry, wielding an in-depth comprehension of this dynamic sector.

Taiwan’s data center industry stands as a beacon of technological prowess and strategic significance in Asia. Renowned for its robust infrastructure and strategic location, Taiwan hosts a thriving ecosystem of cutting-edge data facilities. Leveraging robust networks and a nuanced grasp of market dynamics, we source and connect top-caliber talent with leading players in data center development, operations, and management. With the participation of both thriving local key players like Chunghwa Telecom and Foxconn and international giants like Google and Microsoft, you can look forward to an exponential growth, making Taiwan a pivotal hub in the global data economy.


The team of Tipping Point has solid experience in sourcing top-tier talent for the challenging Offshore and Marine construction sector. We work closely with vessel owners, subsea and marine contractors, & operators and shipyards around the globe. We understand the distinct demands of this industry, from complex engineering to rigorous safety protocols. With a vast network and deep industry insights, we identify and engage professionals with the precise skills and experience required.

Taiwan’s Offshore/Marine construction industry is a dynamic force driving the nation’s maritime development. With a strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan is emerging as a hub for various offshore projects and marine infrastructure. Specialized firms excel in constructing offshore wind farms, deep-sea ports, and complex marine structures. This industry leverages advanced engineering expertise to navigate challenging marine environments, adhering to strict safety and environmental standards. With the deep understanding of market intelligence, local compliance, and various of safety standards, Tipping Point can identify and engage professionals with the precise skills and experience required efficiently.

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